Trek With Wildlife

7-Days Bale Mountains & Sof Omar

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Day 1

Depart south from Addis Ababa to Dinsho, where the Bale Mountains National Park headquarters is located. On the way you will stop at Ziway to admire the wonderful birdlife on the shores of this lake. Overnight in Dinsho (camping or in basic lodge).

Day 2

Depart from Dinsho through the Web Valley toward Finch Abera waterfall. Overnight camping at the Sodota Campsite.

Day 3

Depart from Sodota, following the Wasema River through the valley. Continue to the Worgona Campsite. After setting up camp, take a short trip to the Worgona Mineral Springs for a visit. Overnight camping at Worgona Campsite.

Day 4

Early morning, depart from Worgona Campsite to Garba Guracha. On the way you will climb Mt. Batu, at 4203 meters. Continue to the campsite in the Tegona Valley, close to Garba Guracha Lake.

Day 5

Early morning departure to the Sanetti Plateau and the Crane Lakes. The Sanetti Plateau is home to the Ethiopian Wolf, endemic to Ethiopia. You may also climb Tullu Deemtu, the highest point in the Bale Mountains at 4377m. At the end of the day you will be met by your vehicle and continue to Goba for overnight at Wabe Shabelle Hotel.

Day 6

Early in the morning, depart from Goba to Lake Langano. On the way you will have the opportunity to visit animals near Dinsho, headquarters of the Bale Mountains National Park. The area around Dinsho boasts a high concentration of wildlife, including mountain nyala, Menelik’s bushbuck (endemic), as well as monkeys, warthogs and abundant species of birds. The birdlife in the area is very abundant.

Day 7

After a refreshing morning swim in Lake Langano, depart for Addis Ababa. On the way, you may visit the Abiatta-Shala National Park. Lake Shala, with its deep blue waters is the deepest lake in Ethiopia at 236m. Lake Abijatta is a soda lake at which thousands of flamingos can be seen at various times of the year.

End of tour.